Friday, February 24, 2017

What is important to you?

Often we are so caught up in our own bubble that we forget what is really important. For me my family is the most important. I really like my job but I love my family.

Being healthy: Being healthy is very important to me. I want to have a strong body and good condition. Recently I have started to think more about what I eat and I try to do more cardiovascular training. Much research suggests that a proper diet and regular exercise prevent many types of illness.

Reducing stress: Living a life with a minimum of stress is as important as a proper diet and exercise. Since I finished my PhD I am very aware of stress and I am very careful not taking on too much. I have also become very good at saying no to thing at work.

Professional freedom: I really like the clinic where I work and I could very well work there for my entire career. Early on as I started working I saved up some money so I could manage without a paycheck for at least 6 months. The combination of low spending and some saved money gives you very much freedom. I will never want to be in a situation where I can’t quit my job because I will not be able to pay the bills before I find a new one.

Doing good: I have chosen a profession where I help other people. I think it would be hard for me to spend many hours each week on a job that I didn’t thought of as meaningful.

As you can see thing as a bigger house, newer cars or trips around the world have not made it to my list. We all have different thing we want out of life and there is nothing wrong with that. However, I can’t think of a single possession that would increase my level of happiness. I have every material thing I need.

So is there anything I want? I want to be calmer and more mindful. I want to meditate more and eat better. I want to stress less. I am working every day on becoming better at these things and it will be a lifelong journey.

Thursday, February 23, 2017


Sometimes it is hard to stay in the present moment. I have cheated today and had way too much coffee. It is strange how hard it is to stay away from. I am also on call this weekend and I think I have to realize that I must accept this set back and quit coffee after this weekend.

I get edgy from caffeine and it is hard to remain mindful. Meditation is almost impossible. The most negative thing is that it is hard do remain calm around my children when they don’t behave.

I have this vision of myself being calm, present and with great patience. I believe these skills can be improved by training and I have become much better at them. Especially as a psychiatrist these behaviors are of great importance. The most patients I meet feel bad in some way and it is important that they are given time to share their story. Letting the patient speak free at the beginning of a conversation often gives me the most of the information I need to start understanding what is wrong.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Journal – Digital detox

It has been 20 hours and I have not been online. Well as stated in the previous post I have checked my email and looked up some things for work. I started the day reading the newspaper and when that was finished I read my new book from the library until the bus arrived to the hospital. So have I missed anything important? Not really. I wanted to look up one number for my friend but I can just as well do that tonight.

So how will I spend my 30 minutes of online time tonight? I will see if something interesting has happened on Facebook (probably not). I will also look briefly at the news. It has only been one day but I was a bit more focused at work and not as distracted.

Tonight after I have spent my 30 minutes I must find something interesting to do. Most likely I will read. I must bring home some interesting articles tomorrow from the clinic I have been intending to read now for a while. I will also print out instructions for writers so I can submit a manuscript I have been holding on to for a while. I think I will really enjoy this digital detox.