Friday, January 20, 2017

The minimalistic office

It has been said that how it looks on a person’s desk resembles the structure of the mind. Of course this is just a saying but there might lie some truth into it. My supervisor is an extremely competent clinician and in charge of patient safety at the hospital. The desk however is a mess and I could not work like that. My desk is always empty. When I am going to work with something I bring up those papers and put them away afterwards. I don’t keep papers in my office that no longer holds a function. If I need to save something away I prefer to just scan it and store it away in my Dropbox.

For me there are several positive sides of keeping a well-organized minimalistic office
  • There are no distractions at my desk or otherwise
  • I can find whatever I am looking for in less than 20 seconds. This is actually a rule I have when organizing my office
  • When I need to change office (which I sometimes have to) all my belongings fits nicely into a small box.
  • It is easy to clean

 However, having a to minimalistic office can make it look a little bit cold and empty. Therefore, I have promised a colleague of mine to get a plant when I finish my residency. She has also agreed to water it when I am away.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Minimalistic travel

Tomorrow I will go to a three-day meeting for residents in psychiatry. It will be take place in a Japanese spa outside Stockholm and I am really looking forward to it. I am good at packing light and will only bring a small bag. However, at these thing there are dinner parties so I have to dress both for daytime and the evenings. When packing I think in the format of a capsule wardrobe (Wikipedia).

  • One pair of pants
  • Jacket
  • Casual shirts (x3)
  • Boots (good for the Swedish winter)
  • Brown belt

  • White shirt
  • Handkerchief for breast pocket
  • Tie
  • Black formal shoes (can also be worn day time)
  • Black belt
  • Gray pants

  • Bathing clothes
  • Running shoes
  • Training pants, long sleeved t-shirt and jacket

I don’t bring my computer and iPad to these kind of meetings. I will do that if I have to work with something but this meeting is more of a social meeting and for networking. Therefore, I will just bring my phone and temporally install messenger on it.

So in all that makes for a light packing but nothing extreme. It will all fit into a bag and will probably go as hand luggage. I have read about people traveling the world with nothing but the clothes on them but that seems a bit extreme. Travelling with just a light backpack though must be very nice.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Chores as meditation

When you have a home there is a lot of things you just have to do. Cooking, cleaning, laundry and chopping wood as I did today. When we just rush through a task to finish it as fast as possible the result is often bad and you were miserable doing it. But when you try to focus on being in present and really focusing on the task something happens. There is really no need divide thing we do in either being fun or boring. They just are what they are.

When adopted this mindset to my chores they stopped being a hassle and I started enjoying them. However, for me the secret is concentration. The moment I start doing something else in the same time for example talking to a friend on internet the task became something unwanted.

Something I really enjoy is chopping wood. I recently bought my own axe of very good quality. It is a strange feeling holding something in your hands that will probably outlive you. It was a beautiful winter day in Sweden and I spent about one our chopping wood and I enjoyed every moment.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Journal - Under control

The week started with a lot of stress but it gradually went away when I got organized and took control of the situation. It is always hard when a lot of patients are trying to get in contact and there is just not enough time.

I haven’t used my iPad all week and it is just lying in a drawer. For me it is better to use my laptop because when I do I have to sit down at a table. With an iPad it is so wasy to pick it up. I bought a new phone and installed messenger on it. For a day. That was very addictive and stressful. So I uninstalled it. I don’t really need to send messages to my friends at the bus or in the bathroom. Furthermore, I have switched of all notifications and the sound.

I have checked Facebook a couple of times before worked but logged off just afterwards. I no longer have it on in the background. I am becoming better at single tasking. So in conclusion I feel much more in balance which is a great feeling.

Have you made any changes in your life recently?

I am thinking about writing more articles for DrMinimalist focusing the following subjects; health, exercise, mental distress, internet addiction and so on. I will keep up my journal but add a sidebar with different topics. I haven’t figured out exactly how to do this but I will look into the matter tonight. Last time I was into web design was when I was 15 and wrote html code.